Benefits & Qualifications

Benefits include:

  • Reduced pricing to lunch programs and other events, at the local and CREW Network level
  • Exclusive access / invitations to attend a variety of exclusive members-only events
  • Exclusive access to CREWbiz, an online business networking tool, which offers:
    • Membership directory
    • Speakers’ directory
    • Personal marketing profile, which can be used to promote individual skills and expertise to our member base of more than 11,000 professionals globally
    • Online discussion community which can reach 10,000 other qualified CRE professionals (CREW members)
  • Exclusive access to programs and leadership trainings, including CREW Network Leadership Certificate
  • Access to CREW Network industry research benchmark studies and white papers
  • Access to hundreds of industry job postings through the CREW Network Career Center

Qualifications and Costs:

Applicants can apply online, download application, or contact our membership committee.

Regular Membership - Annual Dues $355

  • Requires five years of recent experience and active involvement in a decision or deal making capacity in a qualified field of commercial real estate »
  • Applicants must provide two professional references and be sponsored by two regular CREW members.

Associate Member - Annual Dues $355

  • Offered to individuals with less than five years of recent experience, but at least one year of experience, in commercial real estate.
  • Associate members enjoy all the benefits of regular membership, except that associate members cannot hold a board position or chair a committee.

Emerging Leaders - Annual Dues $200

  • CREW-Orange County offers a $125 scholarship to select Emerging Leaders (defined as CRE professionals under age 35), which reduces the annual cost of membership to a total of $200.
  • CREW-OC Emerging Leaders Committee Members who have been active on this committee during the previous year are eligible for this scholarship, which may be applied to annual membership dues.
  • Applicants for the Emerging Leader (EL) scholarship must meet the following requirements:
    • Must have attended at least 75% of monthly Emerging leaders committee meetings the prior year
    • Must have attended at least two EL hosted events the prior year
    • Must make a commitment to continue the same level of involvement
  • Please note that complete date of birth is required when applying for this scholarship.

Affiliate Sponsor Member - Annual Dues beginning at $1,250

  • An Affiliate Sponsor Member is an individual who is not employed in a qualified commercial real estate field, but provides goods or services relating to commercial real estate. Service providers must join at this level or above in order to become a member. Contact Pam Bustos with questions.
  • Affiliate Sponsor Applicants must meet all other requirements of membership, including:
    • Five years of recent experience and active involvement in a decision or deal making capacity in a qualified commercial real estate field.
    • Two professional references and two regular CREW members who will serve as sponsors for the applicant
  • In addition, these applicants (or their employer) must sponsor CREW-Orange County.
  • To apply, both a sponsorship registration and a membership application must be completed. Please visit our sponsorship page for more information.


Questions about your eligibility for membership?

Contact our membership chair or email the CREW-Orange County office at for more information.


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