Chris King

Chris King
Executive Coach / Motivational Speaker
NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz reportedly said, "Failure is not an option." Chris understands this well. Chris considers Gene a mentor of his. And as a high-performance executive coach and motivational speaker, Chris M. King ensures that his clients’ goals are met - and exceeded - with velocity.

Chris doesn’t use templated or “out-of-the-box” solutions. He facilitates the journey that leads to the discoveries that create the sustainable transformations for professional organizations and individuals. Pre-packaged products have no value in discovery or innovation. He doesn’t show them HIS way, or even THE way; he guides them in finding THEIR way.

Chris facilitates the “re-coding” the mental constructs that hinder success. Clients experience improvements in performance and efficiency, communication, co-creation of creative solutions, clarity with regard to plans and next steps, and in taking action to achieve desired results. Clients also see dramatic relief from feeling "stuck," burned-out, and overwhelmed so they can run their businesses (or lives) instead of it running them.

“When we make the unconscious conscious,” Chris says, “we make the impossible possible.”

With an education in spiritual psychology and "accidental" education in neuroscience, Chris changes the way clients relate to their worlds to achieve a state of "flow" - what athletes call "the zone" - where they can experience exponential increases in performance and creative thinking.

With a particular expertise in working with and for women-focused/run organizations and teams, Chris has an irreverent style and an affinity for extemporaneous presentations. He won’t give the same speech twice. (We tried to get him to do it… He can’t.) With specific and intentional content, his undeniable connection to his audiences creates an organic experience. He shares with vulnerability about the death of his sister, his abusive upbringing, his medical challenges as a teenager, his marriage to a woman with bipolar disorder, and his path from being a “bad boy” to a grown-ass man with this s*** together.

Chris consults on development programs such as Rise Up For You!® and Zen Warrior Training®, has been a featured panelist for Allison Armstrong’s Understanding Men® seminars, and is a featured SUE Talk® presenter for and member of Connected Women of Influence®. Chris is an "initiated man" through Mankind Project International® and is a volunteer and is a contributing featured author for The Good Men Project® and Elephant Journal® His first book is expected in late 2019.

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